FREE ‘Summer to Autumn’ second of The Village ‘e’-shorts

TVSummertoAutumnFrom today, for five days only, ‘Summer to Autumn’ the second in ‘The Village’ e-shorts is available for download completely free!

The next four tales in ‘The Village’ collection, currently rated with five stars on Amazon and five stars on Goodreads.

In May a gardening competition re-kindles an old feud. June sees a quartet of couples having to make difficult romantic decisions. There is ambition and skull-duggery at The Summer Fete, but real violence comes to the village in the fruit picking season. The world turns and Summer moves towards Autumn as the lives of the villagers play out against the changing seasons. Friendship, loyalty, love, ambition and power all feature, before unlooked for danger appears and the villagers have to face a threat to their world.

Readers say –

‘This book is good, really good. Interesting, lively, characters that are utterly believable and set in and around a village with its typical village traditions – flowers, fetes and pub. But there are also the darker undercurrents that are found in all communities.’ Amazon review.
‘A vivid description of both the everyday and the darker aspects of human nature against a wonderfully English background. I look forward to more.’ Amazon review
‘Totally absorbing, this book will delight anyone who is interested in people and their emotions, motivations and relationships.’ Amazon review
‘A fascinating observation of English village life containing all of the pettiness that comes with a small community, fuelled by gossip and jealously.fivestars But wait…the small vignettes of kind acts and bravery rise above the mundane and trivial.’ Amazon review
‘J J Anderson deals with the everyday stories of life, death and relationships with such care and compassion but is not afraid of their realities. She catches and expresses beautifully the fleeting half-thoughts that make up so much of our lives, making us uniquely ourselves.’ Amazon review

Readers are already asking for the next slice of village life.  Got to Amazon and download your first taste at no cost today. Remember, remember the offer runs out on the 30th November.

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