Front Page – Apologies

writinghandApologies all.  I have realised, thanks to an eagle-eyed contributor, that the ‘Sign-up’ form on my Home/Blog page has not been working properly.  This means that those of you who have recently signed-up to get reminders when new blog-posts appear and to receive new, otherwise unpublished, material haven’t got any of it.  And I don’t know who you are!

Please, please sign up again using the new form and I will send out anything that you may have missed, including the regular newsletters and access to the Readers Club material.

It’s also time for a re-think about how The Story Bazaar website is organised.  It is now over six months old ( hurrah! ) and has over 50 blog posts and 10 pages and sub-pages so navigation is less easy than it was.  From the middle of blog-diceAugust you will see a revised version including

  • a static front page with links to the Blog, Books, publications etc.
  • Readers Club pages, to replace the somewhat confusing BNQ
  • a new set of categories and tags, including author names, so that visitors can more easily and quickly get to what they want
  • clearer labelling about what is on the site
  • listed archives

tags I hope also to attach ‘Like’ buttons to the blog posts and pages so that readers can indicate what they particularly like and share with others.  The links to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, to Goodreads and Amazon will still be there. The overall ‘look’ of the site will remain the same ( I receive very positive feedback about this, so won’t change it ).  I hope you will find it more responsive and easier to navigate.

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