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Headline news is the publication, on 6th April, of ‘The Village; A Year in Twelve Tales’. Printed paperbacks are available from at £7.99 a copy, with Kindle e-books at £2.99. An e-pub version, also at £2.99, will be available at Smashwords and other distributors, such as Nook, but may take some time to appear, given distribution and up-loading time.

The Story Bazaar also launches its Newsletter – Bazaar News Quarterly. The first issue includes an expanded article about where the village might be located and its literary antecedents, as well as an interesting, if currently prize-less, literary challenge. Newsletters articles and stories are posted on a password protected page entitled BNQ on the Header bar. Sign up to receive Bazaar News Quarterly and get access to the page using the sign-up form in the side-bar on the right (there is no advertising and your e-mail address will not be shared).

On is a new ‘Ask the Author’ page. If you want to ask Julie any questions, about ‘The Village’, writing and publishing or her blogs, submit a question via the comment box. She will be up-dating her Smashwords interview over the coming weeks to incorporate appropriate questions and answers. Alternatively, come along and ask in person… at a ‘Meet the Author’ event on Saturday 25th April at MacFarlane’s, 48, Abbeville Road, SW4 9NF. Find out more at There will also be an evening event at Clapham Books, 26, The Pavement, SW4 0JA in May (watch this space for date).

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