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writinghandRegular visitors to The Story Bazaar web-site may have noticed a recent change in how it is organised. As promised some time ago ( Front page ), the Home page is now a static page and the blogs can be found on a separate Blog page.  This is the last in the changes which were promised. It shouldn’t prevent anyone continuing to enjoy the articles. If you want to be sure to get notification of when there is a new blog post, please sign up to Readers Club, if you aren’t a member already – members get e-mails when a new blog post appears.

Over the coming weeks you will probably notice other changes. An Authors page is being introduced, with author biographies and links to interviews and I hope to be able to publish some short stories by writers other than myself. The latter will be found on the Readers Club page.

As with any technological change, there may be bugs to iron out, so thank you, in advance, for your patience if anything untoward occurs. Do please let us know if something isn’t working as it isn’t always possible to tell from this end! There is a contact form attached to most blog posts, including this one, or you can e-mail us ( see address below ).

The Story Bazaar is always happy to receive feedback, about the web-site, our posts or our books ( and we love reviews ) so please let us know if you think we could improve further. Contact us at

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