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It’s World Book Day 2018… why am I uneasy?

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Tomorrow (1st March) is World Book Day 2018 UK and there are WBD events happening all over the UK and Eire, (though not, necessarily, over the rest of the world, because different countries celebrate the Day on different days). Nonetheless … Continue reading


A little bit of history… with bikes

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Qhubeka is an Nguni word meaning ‘to progress’.  This is the story of how a sports commentator, an actor/designer and hundreds of sports fans around the world combined to make some progress happen. The sports commentator is Carlton Kirby, anchor … Continue reading


Chasing a Hare

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Today I am chasing a hare. A magical, almost mystical, creature, symbolic of changeability and fertility and associated with the Moon, hares feature in folklore and art in many different cultures around the world, it would be hard to catch. … Continue reading



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I have been searching, without success, for a word which means ‘to feel sympathy for an inanimate object’. Our old friend ‘synesthesia’ is the closest I’ve found yet and even a plea on twitter has failed me. My search was … Continue reading