Dippy departed

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Several generations of schoolchildren have been introduced to natural history by Dippy the Dinosaur at the Natural History Museum, South Kensington. This diplodocus skeleton cast arrived at the museum in 1905, but was erected in the Hintze Hall near the … Continue reading

Falling off a ladder….

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is an unlikely subject for an oil painting. But there is such a painting (see left), about the accident which befell one of the most famous Andalucian painters, the Baroque master, Bartolome Murillo. The painting shows a prone Murillo being … Continue reading

Money changes hands….

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No, not financial corruption, nor even off-shore tax havens, but a post about an increasing feature on some of central London’s main thoroughfares. The rather grand buildings, usually formerly banking houses, or the prestige branches of banks, which are now … Continue reading