The Scottish Play

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‘Who is this Lord Howard? Someone from Thatcher’s time,’ said my friend Mario. ‘Declare war on Spain? What nonsense.’ Beside him a Daily Mail (Spanish edition) headline screamed about an Armada being sent to defend Gibraltar (Jebel-al-Tariq). Mario lived for … Continue reading

Grey Eminences

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Any history lover, or lover of Dumas’ adventure stories, knows of the original eminence gris Francois Leclerc du Tremblay, the Capuchin right hand man of Cardinal Richelieu, called ‘Father Joseph’ in the Dumas novels. More recently the epithet has been … Continue reading


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Now that we live in a post-truth world and known things are re-named, so ‘extreme right-wing‘ becomes ‘Alt-Right‘ and ‘inciting fear and hatred‘ becomes ‘journalism‘ I’ve been wondering if it’s possible, as an ordinary person, to live an ‘alt-life‘. Please … Continue reading