Pounding the Pavements

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… though not quite pressing the flesh, this isn’t an election campaign. Clapham Writers, or some of us, were out on the streets of the capital this Bank Holiday Saturday promoting the Clapham Book Festival.¬†Clad in our newly minted Clapham … Continue reading

Books & Snippets

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It’s Easter Saturday and Elizabeth Buchan and J.J.Anderson can be found at Macfarlane’s on Abbeville Road from 10.00 a.m.. They’ll be talking about their own books, (if asked) but will be happy to discuss the books and authors featured in … Continue reading

Authenticity and verisimilitude

Authentic – adjective genuine, authoritative, true; (of writing) trustworthy, as setting forth real facts. Verisimilitude – noun the quality of seeming real or true; an appearance of truth or reality. Given the dictionary definitions above, writers of fiction must have … Continue reading