Reconquista & The Silver Rings

The Silver Rings

Out now The Silver Rings, long-awaited sequel to Reconquista.

It is February 1265 and our heroes return to Jerez to find that their city has changed. Can their friendships and affections survive the new order?

Rebecca is love-lorn and persecuted; Miguel is now the head of the Delgado family; Ben, the reluctant hero, pines for the past and Atta is desperate to find his father, held hostage by bandeleros. Together with Nathan, the runaway with dangerous new friends, their story unfolds as King and Emir jostle for power in the mountains.

Nathan and Atta still wear their rings, but, in a cruel twist of fate, Juan’s lost ring re-emerges, carried by someone who threatens Rebecca’s future and her happiness. Meanwhile the bandits join forces with a new and dangerous ally. As an audacious plan to rescue Atta’s father is hatched, the friends are separated once again, each of them in great danger.

Can they survive and find their way to safety and each other? FRIENDSHIP FOREVER

The Silver Rings       E-book  £2.99      Paperback £8.99

N.B. Local bookshops will be able to order the paperback from Gardners in the New Year.


Long-listed Mslexia Children’s Novel 2016 Award


It is October 1264. Outside the city an army awaits the signal to attack.

Within the city walls, Nathan, his older cousin, Rebecca and their friend, Atta, face an uncertain future. On this fateful day, the city they have always known is about to be torn apart and friends and family scattered far and wide.

In war-torn Al Andalus King and Emir vie for supremacy. Bandits and pirates roam land and sea in their wake, as our heroes set out on their desperate journeys to find freedom and safety. If they are to succeed, they must first face down their fears and decide what sort of people they want to be. All of them have to grow up. NOT ALL OF THEM WILL MAKE IT HOME.

Adventure, intrigue and self-discovery in 13th century Al Andalus.

Reconquista                   E-book £2.50        Paperback £8.99

Five stars on Amazonfivestars

Reconquista is brilliant. It vividly brings the past to life.’ Pre-publication reviewer.

This book is a real treat. I became immersed in the turbulent world of thirteenth century southern Spain; the politics, the landscape, the intrigue from the perspective of a small group of close friends.‘ Amazon review

This is such an exciting story. The very first chapter had me hooked and I just kept on reading.’ Amazon review

A novel for young adults and adventure story lovers of all ages. Reconquista is the first book in the ‘Al Andalus’ series.  It reached No 5 in the Amazon YA Historical Fiction chart in April 2016.

The Al Andalus books are set in the what is now known as the Andalucia region of modern-day Spain.

PictureTranche2May12 050From the eighth until the fifteenth century the Iberian peninsular was, wholly or in part, under Arab or Moorish rule, which extended around much of the Mediterranean Sea.  For a time, Cordova (modern-day Cordoba), the capital of the Moorish Caliphs, was one of the most populous and beautiful centres of learning and science in the western world.  But the caliphate  crumbled, replaced by independent city states which, one by one, fell prey to invading armies, from the African south as invaders attempted to claim the old Caliphate for themselves and from the northern Christian armies. Successive Christian kings saw the re-conquest of the peninsular for Christendom as a holy quest (and a most lucrative enterprise).  By the beginning of the thirteenth century much of what we now know as Spain was again under Christian rule, in kingdoms such as Aragon, Castile and Leon, and the Majorcas. These kingdoms were being united under the banner of the Re-conquista for a final push into Al Andalus.

‘On the Edge of the World’ (working title), is the third book set in Andalucia, in Jerez and Cadiz. The action takes place some two hundred years later than that of the first two books, during the Age of Discovery.

Historical fiction of the highest order.

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