Mother of Parliaments

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I, like many people, have been watching broadcasts from the House of Commons and its Committee rooms recently. Some years ago when I was a civil servant, I attended meetings and committees in the Palace of Westminster so a few … Continue reading

Saturday Night

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There were push-chair toting families, couples entwined, a group of smartly dressed women of a certain age all wearing matching black trilbies, groups of young men and groups of young women, each group eyeing the other, the latter from vertiginous … Continue reading

I Am Ashurbanipal, King of the World

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…is the title of the British Museum’s big Winter exhibition. I went to see it earlier this week and it was well worth a visit. The title echoes Shelley’s poem Ozymandias ‘My name is Ozymandias, Look on my works ye … Continue reading

Dramatic Progress

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…is the name of a free exhibition currently in the Lyttleton Lounge at the National Theatre.  I enjoyed this, together with Playing With Scale, a fascinating display in the Wolfson Gallery, also at the National Theatre, last week. The full … Continue reading