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Power corrupts…

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…and absolute power corrupts absolutely – to paraphrase the oft quoted Lord Acton, nineteenth century British historian and Member of Parliament.  In fact he said ‘Power tends to corrupt…’ in a letter to Mandell Creighton  in 1887. One of my … Continue reading


What’s happened to BBC News?

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Away from the UK earlier this month I was dependant for UK news in English upon social media, print and friends. So, on one hand I was getting only the UK news I wanted to hear – my Twitter feed … Continue reading



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I have been thinking about signs and their language. Not the portentous, signifying great or foul deeds – ‘So foul and fair a day I have not seen¹’ – or even the supernatural, signifying disaster – ‘She dreamt to-night she … Continue reading



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Monument (noun) – a structure erected as a memorial; an inscribed marker placed at a grave; something venerated for its enduring historic significance; an outstanding enduring achievement; an exceptional example. A familiar word, applicable to the specific and particular, as in … Continue reading


Snow Beast

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You will have seen more dramatic photographs of snowbound Britain than in this article, (and clearer ones too, all I can say is that it was snowing when I took them, sunshine notwithstanding). It was in Soho Square that I … Continue reading