A Child’s Eye

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The child protagonist is an enduring feature of fiction, for adult as well as child readers, especially when a novel is written in the first person. There are classic adventure stories – ‘Treasure Island‘, ‘Kim‘ or ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’; coming … Continue reading

Festival Prizes

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‘Omnibus Edition’ Clapham’s Literary Festival 2016 took place in May of this year, at which ‘Reconquista‘ was launched. Claphamwriters was one of the partners organising the event and your blogger took part in several sessions ( in several guises ). … Continue reading

Stories of Democracy

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Writing the recent political comment post prompted me to think about novels which depict the democratic process. Where are the great ‘election’ novels? My literary knowledge must be incomplete, I thought, I can think of only relatively modern works.  ‘Primary Colors‘ … Continue reading