The Weekend Before Christmas

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One week before Christmas and the town was buzzing. After a ridiculously early drive to Stansted through freezing fog and sleet we arrived in a much warmer Jerez – warm enough to take lunch outside. Bliss. Then consternation, as we … Continue reading

Burial Grounds of London

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In my recent wanderings around central London I have found myself in two ‘gardens’ which were formerly burial grounds, attached or unattached to churches. Each was fascinating in its own way and I have found one connection, at least, between … Continue reading

Welcome to Saxnot

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On Thursday evening I entered Scott King’s world of Saxnot at Studio Voltaire, Clapham. What is Welcome to Saxnot? Physically, it is an installation consisting of a series of free–standing infographic works, written material, including a Welcome to Saxnot brochure, … Continue reading