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Sitting, as I write, at Luton airport. On the couple of occasions that I have travelled through here I have been quite impressed by the efficiency of the place. Basic infrastructure, minimal waste, it all works.

And, I’m on way to Barcelona where last night there was an attack on Las Ramblas. I don’t read newspapers or watch news personally, someone passed on the information. I was saddened, shocked, horrified… all those emotions I expect that most of us would have on hearing of such misery.

I really do not know what the actual statistics are, so much of what we ‘know’ in this digital age is via anecdotal social media. Apparently, however, preventable lifestyle diseases, obesity, diabetes and alcoholism for example, along suicides and such like, account for significantly more premature deaths than murders from wars, terrorism and/ or other wanton actions.

And so, despite this awful news from Barcelona, I am choosing to feel good, great in fact. So much is changing. There is real, factual evidence about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. I have personally been living in a few people’s homes teaching them how to make simple changes in how they eat, think and move, the impact has been incredible. Every one of the people I have interacted with in this way has assuredly stated that there is no way that they would return to their old ways of being.

On the plastic front, Pepsi committed to making considerable changes, such as refunds for returned bottles and generally more recycling; supermarkets are also looking at their waste footprint; diesel is being phased out. There is a growing recognition that we really do not need to eat so many animals and that the welfare of the beasts that some do choose to eat is important.

And, I have been in London the last couple of weeks. Running around Clapham Common it has been heartening (literally) to see how this beautiful green space in the midst of the freneticism of London has been awash with people being active in some way or another. I met up with Aasics representatives there currently on a drive (:)) to encourage more people to run to work. ‘Running the Tube’ was represented with a bright tunnel of lights and music through which one could practice a different kind of commute. So much more pleasant than the usual London tube with all its pollution and overcrowding. I must say, though, the underground, conceived more than 100 years ago, is such a brilliant, pioneering feat of engineering making life for Londoners getting around the city so convenient.

And so, life goes on. The journey continues. To where it will ultimately lead, I really do not have a clue. Eighteen months of roaming has been quite some adventure. I have decided, though, that I need to bring more purpose to my life.

The theme of my purpose is around being ready to die – not in any morbid sense – but rather in the sense that to be ready to leave, one truly must have been here. More to follow…

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