Sunshine at the Lambeth Country Show

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Saturday morning is hot and sunny in south London. Eleven o’clock sees us on our way to Brockwell Park, having collected, inventoried and packed up the books the day before. Already the roads are busy and we were headed for … Continue reading

Brockwell Park Weekend

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Brockwell Park I knew of, mainly because I’ve passed it on the way to Dulwich (and as the setting for the crime thriller by Mo Hayder entitled The Treatment (2001, Bantam)) though I’d never walked around it. Yet I only … Continue reading

The History Girls

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Reading about history has never been more popular. Sales of non-fiction history books have risen by 45% over five years (double the industry average and amounting to over 5m copies a year according to Neilsens ). Historical fiction too is … Continue reading


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Thriller (n) – a novel, play or film with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage. Long before Michael Jackson. So what makes a good thriller? Jeopardy, tension, anxiety and anticipation, all designed to elicit suspenseful excitement in the … Continue reading

Clapham Book Festival 2018. How’d we do?

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So now it’s report back time.  The Festival undertakes to report to its sponsors on achievement against the targets it sets itself each year. This year’s Report is being put together, but I can share some highlights. Revenue from the … Continue reading