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There was very sad news from the Clipper Round the World Yacht race on Saturday last with the fatal injury of Andrew Clippernaming5Ashman, crewman on Ichorcoal.  It is sobering, especially when one recalls the recent Naming Day celebrations at St Katherine’s Dock.  One is reminded, forcibly, that sailing is not a non-risk activity and those who choose to sail across oceans and around the world are taking on a tremendous and dangerous challenge. But still people love to do it. So, in this spirit, after a short spell in Porto the Ichorcoal crew has resumed racing, treating this as the best way of honouring their crewmate’s memory and his love of sailing.

The planned blog piece, a celebration of the start of the race, will not now be posted.

On Day 9 of Race 1, on the first leg, Portsmouth to Rio de Janeiro, the current leader is LMAXExchange, taking over from Derry-LondonderryGarmin, the boat upon which suepsails, our guest blogger, plans to crew, currently lies in eighth place. If anyone wishes to keep up with the latest from the Race click here.

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