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Hello, Hi there, Ola, Hola, Ciao, Salaam, Guten tag & Geia sas to all Story Bazaar visitors.

worldflagsA few weeks ago I up-graded The Story Bazaar web-site, to ensure that it was mobile friendly and secure.  One unlooked for benefit of the up-grade was access to far more statistics than I had ever received before.  So now I can tell, not just how many hits the site gets and how many for each post, but also how many visitors there are on any given day at any given time and where they come from in the world.

unitedkingdomflagAs expected most of my audience is in the UK, with the US second and increasing.  Imagine my surprise, however, to find that my third highest number USFlagof hits, on a fairly regular basis, comes from Brazil. Could this be a server-quirk?  Not according to the folk who provide the service.  In any case, I prefer to think of people reading The Story Bazaar while sipping their pina coladas, before nipping out to the Copacobana to watch a game of beach football, rather than a row of whirring cloud servers.  Though it might be a school class, I suppose, ( The Story Bazaar could be homework ) so maybe there aren’t any pina coladas.

brazilianflagGet in touch, Brazilianos. Tell me who you are.

I also get regular visitors from elsewhere in Latin and Central America – from Mexico, Equador, Uruguay (hello, Jorge, book cover designer extraordinaire) and, occasionally, Chile and Belize.  In Europe people visit most frequently from Italy, Greece and Portugal, with others from Spain, Germany, Sweden and Ireland.  I have occasional visitors from Anglophone Canada, Australia and South Africa, which isn’t unexpected, but also from Hong Kong and the Phillipines (every month I have a few visitors from the Philippines). Similarly, from India.  And there is the one-off visitor from Oman, UAE, Israel, Mongolia, Egypt, Vietnam, Mongolia and Saudi.

By the way, my book, The Village, is now available in Brazil (and Mexico and India) on Amazon Prime, for lending as well as buying. Read it and leave me a review.  Or sign up to the subscription service and get regular Newsletters, as well as e-mail notifications.

Hello to all of you!  I didn’t realise just how wide The Story Bazaar readership was – a truly global reach!  Please keep coming back.


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