Muscat, Scouts and Runners

As I have written of my travels this last twelve months, I have, physically, visited many places around the world, enjoying a range of ‘interesting’ and diverse activities. Looking further back, over the last twelve years, my journey, I realise, has been more metaphorical in nature.

Life was good, a bit too much so in many ways. After a couple of mountain bike incidents back then, I got myself introduced to Shiva. Unwittingly, I had embarked on a journey. A journey to within, to places from which there is no turning back. Interesting to be contemplating on this now from Muscat, where it all began.

Shiva introduced me to breathing. An integral part to any living being’s life. I never expected that it would ever actually ‘become’ my life. I had been somewhat sceptical that ‘watching’ one’s breath could be in any way a fundamentally transformative experience. Now, as anyone who knows me knows, I am usually talking, in some capacity or another, about how small changes in how we breathe can change everything.

I decided to return to Muscat after a good friend invited me back to talk about breathing. My interactions, somehow, have led me to set up beginners’ running groups here – the ladies have a preference to run in the company of other women only and after sunset. A beautiful experience for me seeing these young women achieve results they never thought possible. I am hopeful that some of them, at least, will participate in the now annual marathon event that takes place in Muscat every January.

Oman has changed a lot since I left here ten years ago. Muscat Road Runners, I heard from their leader Suleiman, has increased from a handful of stragglers to a healthy membership meeting three times a week. They organise triathlons, biathlons and other events also. Reconnecting with Suleiman just a few days ago, and suddenly now finding myself volunteering at a triathlon event this Friday.

What has surprised me most though is that this week, at the behest of good friends, Joanna and Arjan, I found myself having the pleasure of introducing two different Scout troops to breathing. I was impressed by how these youngsters completely got how ‘making friend’s with their breath’ could put them in control with how they experienced life.

Jo and Arjan will be sorely missed when they leave Muscat after six years of tirelessly provide some great experiences for these young boys and girls, I just caught a glimpse of their efforts.

My small band of runners I hope eventually to be affiliated to the larger Muscat contingent. I am hoping that I can encourage the wider group to adopt the principles of Chi-Running to ensure that their running days are longer and more conducive to a holistic approach to health. With that aim, I am delighted to be collaborating with Muscat Runners and Gray Caws to bring some events to Muscat in April – will for sure be sharing the outcomes of that soon along with other events that are all somehow, synchronistically opening up.

Brighton marathon coming up, the Journey goes on…

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