Step Right Up! Buy Your Democracy Here!

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Not exactly knock down prices ‘though. Members of Parliament at £100m each, all up front and above-board, complete with Ulster brogue. Brown envelopes not required. Like the country peasant who, in the old English folk song The Ploughboy climbs up the social scale … Continue reading

It’s not rocket science…..

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It has happened again. First the 2015 General Election, then the Referendum, then the US Presidential election and then another non-politician without a party becomes President of France. Now this opportunistic General Election. An enhanced Tory majority was widely anticipated, indeed, … Continue reading

The Scottish Play

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‘Who is this Lord Howard? Someone from Thatcher’s time,’ said my friend Mario. ‘Declare war on Spain? What nonsense.’ Beside him a Daily Mail (Spanish edition) headline screamed about an Armada being sent to defend Gibraltar (Jebel-al-Tariq). Mario lived for … Continue reading