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11695512_10152984591561630_8257335772296987331_nIntroducing a new Story Bazaar guest blogger this week.

Barbara Pigeon has travelled widely and lived all over the world in her career as a Shell executive. During her time working in India she journeyed to Rikhia, a remote north-eastern village, to observe and, eventually, write about, its rejuvenation. Shakti Manifest was published by Westland Tata in 2014. Barbara has studied writing with the University of East Anglia/Guardian.

An interest in psychology ( Barbara’s degree was in trans-personal psychology and consciousness ) and in the efficacy of certain yogic techniques to alleviate stress conditions, led her to begin to write about breath and breathing techniques. Her book on breathing will be published by The Story Bazaar in 2017/18, including some of her own and others’ case studies. First, however, she is writing a memoir of life in 20th century Glasgow based on conversations with, amongst others, her mother. ‘Talking with Sadie‘ ( working title ) is scheduled for publication by The Story Bazaar in Autumn 2016.

A fellow resident of Clapham, South London and a member of the Clapham Writers Circle, Barbara’s web-site is calmact and you can find her on Twitter and facebook. She will be leading a session on breathing at the Clapham Literary Festival in early May.Himalayas 041_1024

Barbara is about to go travelling, walking round Europe, a continent which she hasn’t visited as much as she would like, although she has visited many others ( see Barbara on the way to Everest right ). Her travels will take her along the West Highland Way and the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, amongst other routes and she will be sending despatches back to The Story Bazaar as she goes. Barbara will also be offering, free, meditation advice, if you live nearby and want to walk along with her. Watch her tweets and web-site for details ( though I hope to include some information here too ). Her first post on The Story Bazaar will be this weekend, on the Art of Walking & Dying.  Watch this space.

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