Austerity and Eminences – you heard it here first

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The governmental response to the suspend Article 50 petition isn’t the only ‘official’ document to land in my ‘inbox’┬árecently. One is an interesting academic paper, the other, by way of the Guardian, is an issue raised by an MP. ( … Continue reading

The Dark Arts of Advertising

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Advertising (noun) – the activity or profession of producing marketing communications to promote or sell products, services or ideas. There is nothing new about advertising – public ads have been found in Ancient Rome and Pompeii, in Ancient Greece and … Continue reading

A Catalan Solution?

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Yesterday (I write this on Sunday) thousands took to the streets of Barcelona, protesting against the imprisonment or exclusion of Catalan separatist leaders, carrying banners which read ‘Free the Political Prisoners’. The march was led by Quim Torra, current President … Continue reading