Criminal proceedings

Surely it can only be a matter of time? Surely!

The 2016 Referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU was hopelessly compromised, with multiple breaches of the law, likely interference of a foreign, hostile state and, potentially, manipulation of the markets (and the public) in order to make immediate cash profits. This is not even including the numerous bare-faced lies told by the Brexiteers.

The result of an election which breaches the law is declared null and void and the election has to take place again.  In this instance the result of the Referendum is only advisory, so it is for Parliament to set it aside. Now is the time for MPs to do so.

I do not hold out much hope that Jeremy Corbyn will exploit this opportunity, he is a Brexit supporter in pursuit of his other ideological goals.  So it’s up to the rest of them.  And up to their constituents.  Anyone who values the rule of law should be lobbying their MP in the coming days, regardless of the way they voted back in 2016.

And also, just to make sure that those who got us into this mess – the Johnsons and Goves – cannot continue to pursue their own selfish interests at the expense of the people. They, like Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe ( which voted Remain ), who e-mailed “It is open to the Vote Leave family to create separate legal entities each of which could spend £700k: Vote Leave will be able to spend as much money as is necessary to win the referendum” and who also resigned on Monday, should be facing criminal charges. The Electoral Commission guidance specifically states that this is breaking electoral law, it is quite clear (and that isn’t a Theresa May ‘clear’ either).

Vote Leave clearly had no problem raising money and, it seems from Baker’s e-mail, no compunction at buying themselves a result. The donation returns shown on the EC site include a range of extremely wealthy people, who donate hundreds of thousands of pounds as individuals or through their companies. The campaign seems quite happy to ignore the legal cap on spending (see Democracy bought is not democracy). Baker proposed breaking the law, as the e-mail above shows.  This is what the Vote Leave campaign promptly did.

The Leave.EU campaign too needs full investigation by an agency which has the resources and mind-set to do it.  How about the National Crime Agency?  It investigates organised crime across national borders with a particular interest in financial crime and corruption (which sounds spot on to me).  It works alongside the Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Conduct Authority.  There’s that Farage statement on ‘not winning’ to investigate too, and the fortunes made by those shorting the pound, definitely something for the FCA. The self-titled ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ might find themselves the banged up boys of Brixton gaol sometime soon – though I suspect some of them, at least, have made plans in case the investigation gets heavy.  Belize diplomatic passport anyone?  Gibraltar resident?

The nagging doubt about all of this is that, like the Northern Rock Bank, it is ‘too big to fail’ especially – and I’m going to sound like a real conspiracy theorist now – because links appear to those very close with the senior leadership of the Tory party.  Belizian Lord Ashcroft for one.

I believe that the truth will come out and that the individuals who so arrogantly misled the populace will be tomorrow’s felons.  Remember Shirley Porter. Unfortunately, if there isn’t a  real, widespread recognition of what has happened soon, it’ll be too late to avoid at least some of the consequences of what their actions led to – a fraudulent result.

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