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Thriller (n) – a novel, play or film with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage. Long before Michael Jackson. So what makes a good thriller? Jeopardy, tension, anxiety and anticipation, all designed to elicit suspenseful excitement in the … Continue reading

Clapham Book Festival 2018. How’d we do?

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So now it’s report back time.¬† The Festival undertakes to report to its sponsors on achievement against the targets it sets itself each year. This year’s Report is being put together, but I can share some highlights. Revenue from the … Continue reading

No Junk Mail

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No leaflets. No circulars. No menus.¬†Addressed letters only. Recycle. No junk mail. The letterboxes and front doors of SW4 are relentlessly negative, regardless of the pansy-lined path, the potted azalea or the mat marked ‘Welcome’. They carry messages which are … Continue reading