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new-years-day-1931728_1280Happy New Year to all Story Bazaar readers.

2016 was certainly eventful and unpredictable, or at least it seemed so at the time.  Will we all look back twenty years from now and think Reconquista_Cover_for_Kindleotherwise?  For The Story Bazaar it has been a successful year, with the publication of ‘Reconquista‘ and its long listing for Mslexia Children’s Novel 2016. It was launched during Omnibus Edition the first multi-venue, multi-discipline Clapham Literary Festival, which took place in May, drawing hundreds of people to events about books.  The Story Bazaar and Clapham Writers featured highly, as one of theOmnibus-Edition_new festival partners and at other local events, fetes and galas.

The Story Bazaar Compendium 2015 appeared in January 2016. Unfortunately, the non-fiction publications anticipated in the equivalent year-end blog post last year ( Ring in the New ) were not forthcoming, their author’s nomadic existence not proving conducive to concentrated writing. lonesheepInstead we had a series, beginning with The Nomad, of insightful and informative articles as Barbara journeyed across the globe, from Scotland to India, via Spain, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, which proved very popular with readers. Our sailor, meanwhile, took a year off from blogging to deal with family matters, she plans to be back in 2017.

2017 promises to be similarly interesting. Politics is still sexy, with elections in the ballot-158828_1280Netherlands, France and Germany (see Democracy IV for more and links to a more comprehensive list) and the U.S. gets its first non-professional-politician President, arguably, since Washington.  The beginning of formal negotiations for the UK to leave the EU is promised, as is the return of inflation.  The Supreme Court ruling on the government’s attempt to circumvent Parliament is due in January.

2015CompendiumecoverThe Story Bazaar will be following and writing about all this, together with its usual articles about things to do and see in London and in southern Spain, books, art and exhibitions and pieces about writing and publishing. The Story Bazaar Compendium 2016 will be available in January 2017.

Given that our nomad settles down for long enough to write it, we will be publishing a book on breath and breathing, together with associated mini-‘e’-books later in the year.  Likewise the publication of the sequel to ‘Reconquista‘ which, I hope, will be late this year, though it is taking longer than envisaged to write.

A number of mini-‘e’-books are also in the pipeline, given the popularity of new-years-eve-1905144_1280the Brexit/Demagogue series and the ongoing reach of the Worth a Visit series in London and Spain. These will appear during 2017 available for a nominal sum.

In addition The Story Bazaar will be partnering with a number of other agencies to bring its books to a wider public.  The img_20170103_171847web-site Channillo, which serialises stories for charity, will be carrying some J.J.Anderson short stories, starting in January with ‘Padua Road‘. Reader’s Club members or owners of the first Compendium will recognise some of these. And London commuters may well see ‘Reconquista‘ appearing on the London underground via ‘Books on the map-1731761_1280Underground’.

So a busy year ahead here at The Story Bazaar. From this ‘citizen of the world’ (and proud of it) here’s hoping for a peaceful and prosperous 2017.

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