Eid Mubarak

What contrast we have in our world, I mused, while reflecting on my pursuits over the last month or so.

Shortly after a visit to Scotland’s Holy Isle, I found myself in Ponte Vedra, a beautiful spot in the North West of Spain, kindly invited to visit the farm and laboratories of ‘Hifas de Terra’

“PIONEERS IN MUSHROOM PRODUCTION… Creating the first mycological product range in Europe”. Hifas’ products are making a considerable difference in the health of many (I know this from personal experience) and have the potential to do so much more.

In contrast thereafter, I spent a few days in the Yorkshire Dales, designated one of the UK’s National Parks “full of stone-built villages, stunning landscapes and vibrant communities”.

Yes, the landscape is stunning indeed. What struck me more, however, was a whole host of plastic, empty spray paint canisters and more, remnants of this generation’s ‘unnatural’ interventions. What, I wondered, did it mean for a sheep to have been daubed with blue, black, purple or green paint?

And then, during the second last week of Ramadan I visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Welcomed and supported by Hamira, Mais and Zabna we hosted a number of what we called ‘compassion circles’. In the process we raised funds which we agreed to donate to WorldVision’s work in improving the lives of the “world’s poorest children”.

“The world’s poorest children”. What a telling statement.

Yet, I am optimistic. I believe that there is an unstoppable awakening going on in our world right now. A recognition of a need for unity, for collaboration, for less stuff, for greater sharing.

Initiatives, such as those underway on the Holy Isle and mushroom farms of Galicia, while pioneering, I see as more of a ‘going back’, back to the way nature was intended to be. Individually and together, I believe, we can all move forward while ‘going back’.

I’m writing this on Friday 15 June, a day of celebration for many with the month of Ramadan just having come to an end. This is an important festival, a time for love and celebration of life at its core. This is a time also to share what one has with family, friends and those in need. Pondering this led me in this chain of reflections. And it struck me only now…

I had, unwittingly, chosen today to meet with Laura, one of World Vision’s senior executives. I had planned to hand over funds from the contributions made from participants in these circles of compassion. I agreed with Laura that these funds would be directed to support their initiative in ‘Food and Economic Development’ aimed at ending world hunger.

In gratitude then, I would like to appreciate everyone that supported me in making my meeting with Laura possible today. And so, in unity, at this beautiful time of celebration, I wish everyone ‘Eid Mubarak’.

Finally, I could not state my sentiments any better than in the form of few beautiful words of Rumi…

“Now is the time to unite the soul and the world. Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows.”

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