Running Matters

I really prefer not to use labels. If I say, for example, ‘I’m a vegetarian’ or ‘I’m lazy’ or whatever, I’m saying at the same time that I’m not ‘the other’ and… then, I feel, I’m closing my mind, shutting myself off to, potentially amazing, possibilities.

However… I have been known, on occasion, to mention that I am a runner. I have also been known to say that I limit my use of FaceBook to ‘what matters’ but occasionally, intent really on not wishing to shut myself off to some of those incredible possibilities, I find myself drawn to articles. Specifically one that Debra Edwards posted with the headline… “5k run adds 30 minutes to your life but takes 40 minutes”. And, goes on to say… “health experts have confirmed… that running is essentially futile”.

Well as an opened minded person, I have to consider the possibilities. And I would say absolutely yes – running can be bad for you. I actually stopped doing it to any great extent for a few years, then began again just over two years ago, by taking up a marathon challenge from my son.

Yes, running, as said, categorically CAN be bad for you, like most things really, when you don’t know how to do them properly. For sure we can cause catabolic damage to our bodies through excessive mouth breathing for example; or by running too intensely too often; when we think more is more; don’t sleep well; eat crap, GM, inorganic fuel; pollute ourselves and our environments with pharmaceuticals, commercially produced toxic cleaning products… I could go on.

Well, as I may have mentioned to just a few folk, and perhaps more than once, I ran Brighton last year faster than I ran London twenty years earlier and I was out running the next day also. My VO2 max (something runners know about :)) is excellent for a woman in her twenties even, somewhat younger than me. And I feel absolutely great.

In my thirties, and a bit beyond, I was definitely one of those for whom more was better. Bravado, ‘work hard play hard’, ‘think pain’ was normal. And now…

I run, breathing in and out through my nose, hold my breath even at certain points. I stop and see amazing chicks and so much else that is beautiful in the world while out running round Clapham Common, or wherever I happen to be.

I am grateful that Steve challenged me to get back into running, I am so impressed by the growing numbers of people around the world who show up for park runs on Saturday mornings.

And now I find myself on a mission, with like-minded friends such as Debra Edwards, Gray Caws, Gus Grima, Gavin Andrews, Hamira, Mais, Zabna… and so many others, to make the world a cleaner, safer place. Quite frankly, as I have also been know to say from time to time – we are all breathing in each other’s air. I would like mine to be clean, free of shit and suffering – we’re all in it together.

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